Nikol Klein here, luxury Realtor and Market Ready Strategist and I want to talk to you about an opportunity to upgrade your home so that we can maximize the sale price.

I have witnessed sellers struggle with getting their home market ready because they are overwhelmed, they’re cash strapped, or simply too cheap and uneducated as to how they can maximize their return.

I have a solution to get your house truly market ready to appeal to buyers – yielding a quicker sale and a higher sale price.

For example: I listed and sold a home for a client who previously had their home listed with another agent. The sellers hadn’t done anything to the home, and simply put the house on the market. When they consulted with me, they were extremely frustrated that their house had sat on the market for months with the previous agent and had zero offers.
These sellers expressed to me that they wanted a high price for their home. After a quick analysis of the home,  I informed them that with a few quick tweaks I knew that their dream sale price was attainable.

With my market ready plan, we were able to get the property back on the market right away, receiving a rush of showings and traffic through the house. Before we knew it, a full price offer came in on the house.

I am pleased to say that the sellers of this beautiful Encinitas home were able to get their dream price for their sentimental family home.
So let me ask you…

1. If you could get you more money for your home, would you like that?
2. Could clean up one or two things to make your home more presentable?
3. Would you be okay with me covering the costs of necessary upgrades to get your home market ready?

In my experience, I have noticed a consistent trend – Upgraded homes sell quicker and for a higher price. With my Market Ready Plan, let’s take your home from “how” to “wow.”

Call me to get started today at 858.336.9816.

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